How To Pay Off Your Home Loan

Nobody should take 30 years to pay off their home.

By adopting an active repayment strategy, you can slash your home loan term in half – and even more!

This isn’t an infomercial. This isn’t some cheesy sales trick riddled semi-truths designed to give you a false sense of hope.

This is what we do.

Put simply, for anyone in debt, there is a proven formula designed lift you proverbially out of the red and propel you toward greener, headache-free pastures.

The reality is, most people just aren’t aware that such strategies exist. It’s nobody’s fault – that’s just life.

We take out a mortgage, start a family, lose track of time and eventually, many of us reside to adopting the same systems we put in place in our 30s right through to our 40s and 50s.

We chip away at our first loan on autopilot without giving too much thought as to how we could pay off our mortgage faster.

If you are keen to make some serious headway with your mortgage, or as we call it a “bad debt”, with the goal of paying off your mortgage in under 10 years, watch the video below. In this video, Jason Whitton, Positive Real Estate founder (one of our partners), shares his philosophy of investing in a second (third or more) property to offset your mortgage repayments:

How can Positive Financial Services help me reduce my home loan term?

  • Find out how speed up your mortgage minimisation plan and learn look at how buying investment properties is your gateway to paying off your home sooner.
  • Find out how restructuring your loans and going from ‘Principle and Interest’ to ‘Interest only’ and using debt minimisation strategies, can pay your home loan off much faster and free up your serviceability to buy more investment properties.
  • Find out how to pay less interest by depositing your income into your Transactional Loan Account (offset account) and how to reduce your loan balance and increase your cash equity position.
  • Find out how by responsibly living off your credit card can keep your money in your Transactional Loan Account longer.
  • Positive Financial Services will guide you through this process and provide industry-respected advice FREE of charge.
  • Ultimately, we’re in the business of saving you  interest and taking YEARS off your home loan.

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